BroadJump | Technology Overview

Technology Overview

Do you have complete visibility and control across all of your non-labor expense categories?

Without utilization and pricing transparency, you may be spending millions more than you should. That’s why we developed the most sophisticated comparative analytics engine in healthcare for spend management.

How are we unique?

  • We’re the only solution on the market that provides insight into your entire non-labor expense
  • We have easy-to-use applications that lead to quick results
  • We enable you to compare pricing, market share and spend volumes for the exact same products
  • We provide significant savings without having to switch products or formularies
  • We’re GPO agnostic

Dynamic Spend Intelligence

Your online mission control center that integrates your expense data into one comprehensive dashboard.


Identify and prioritize product savings opportunities based on comparative pricing from hundreds of healthcare organizations across all major GPOs.


Compare pricing in real time to that of hundreds of peer facilities for the same drugs you buy.


Evaluate real-time, market relevant pricing by SKU for Med/Surg items, whether or not you have a purchasing history.


Compare supply costs for procedures by physician, by DRG code across facilities and peer institutions.

Purchase Services Profiler

Identify service contracts that are not market competitive and use pricing intelligence to make negotiation decisions.

Contact us to learn how our industry-leading technology can help you actively measure, manage and control your non-labor expense.