BroadJump | Purchased Services Profiler

Purchased Services Profiler

We're providing actionable data to help ASCs and healthcare systems negotiate services.

David Gooden
Vice President, Business Development

What if there was a way to get complete pricing transparency for your purchased services? At approximately 20% of total operating expense, these services are a key component of total non-labor expense for healthcare systems and surgery centers.

We provide actionable information to quickly source and negotiate service contracts to achieve savings.

BroadJump is at the forefront of the industry for enabling effective contracting through data analytics. We provide tools and information to compare service providers for each service offering, equipping you with the power you need to negotiate market competitive agreements. Our Purchased Services Profiler solution:

  • Provides transparency into key service options and pricing
  • Helps hospitals identify service contracts that are not market competitive
  • Supports real-time benchmarking results on-demand
  • Delivers actionable information for health care organizations to quickly source and negotiate service contracts to achieve savings

Our reporting makes it easy to stay abreast of all purchased services activities and contracts so you have the historical context to make services negotiation decisions.