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ProcedureProfiler provides the data and insights to drive procedure-level utilization improvements.

Greg Statt
Vice President, Business Development

What if you had visibility into your total supply cost by procedure, by physician across your entire healthcare system or center?

You could:

  • Identify and reduce variance in procedure supply costs
  • Pinpoint best practices in materials utilization and procedure protocols
  • Measure and standardize supplies by procedure to improve utilization and savings

ProcedureProfiler™, our powerful online research tool, provides visibility from the service line down to the DRG, CPT, and ICD code levels. Hospitals and surgery centers can track these supply costs for an individual procedure, as well as break down spend by clinician, manufacturer, product classification and location — at a single point in time or over user-specified time frames. ProcedureProfiler also provides visibility into average cost and cost range at the same depth of detail, so you can see how each procedure impacts your system’s financial health.

ProcedureProfiler™ will help you drive utilization improvements at the procedure level across your entire system or facility.

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With ProcedureProfiler™, hospitals and surgery centers can track costs for an individual procedure, by clinician, manufacturer, product classification and location, over any time period.

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