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Our Story

BroadJump was conceived to solve a critical issue facing healthcare organizations – lack of insight into, and control of, their non-labor expense categories. The lack of pricing transparency and procedure data that plagues the industry has resulted in hospitals and surgery centers overpaying for supplies. In addition, opportunities to increase procedure standardization and efficiency have gone undetected, which negatively impacts both profitability and quality of care.

We’ve developed a suite of applications that help providers manage their costs on-demand and work with clinicians to pinpoint best practices and reduce variance in supply costs.Out of frustration with the status quo, we’ve developed a suite of applications that not only help providers gauge their pricing against the market and manage their costs on-demand, but also positively impact discussions with clinicians to pinpoint best practices in procedure protocols and reduce variance in supply costs. By significantly improving sourcing efficiency, our solutions boost productivity within the supply chain area, helping staff accomplish more with less.

With BroadJump, you have what hospitals and surgery centers today desperately need — neutral, unbiased analyses of costs, with the depth of data and client management expertise to help you measure, manage and control your non-labor expense.

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Our Mission

Design and deliver disruptive technology that positions hospitals to maximize savings from supplies and services through automated, Web-based sourcing applications.

Our Vision

We will be the leader in delivering actionable tools that drive long-term, sustainable cost savings to hospitals while enabling them to realize levels of efficiency that have never been achieved.

Our Values

We are committed to always doing what is right for our clients.

We consistently maintain the highest standards of data integrity, ensuring unparalleled quality and accuracy in our work.

We approach our business with energy and enthusiasm and encourage our team to embrace a healthy balance between work and play.

We offer equity potential to our team members so they are vested in the success of our clients and our company.