BroadJump | PriceChecker


PriceChecker makes it easy to determine how much you should pay for off-contract items.

Rey Yewle
Healthcare Business Analyst

How do you price products your facility has never ordered? Even with a contracted supplier, prices may vary from one hospital or surgery center to another. You need a way to check market pricing before you commit to a purchasing agreement.

Use PriceChecker™ to determine what a competitive price should be for supplies, even for those you’ve never previously ordered.

Our PriceChecker™ application bridges the gap between what you need and what you should expect to pay. It connects you to market pricing data on products for which you may not have a purchasing history. These non-file, off contract items can inflate your total product spend if not carefully monitored.

PriceChecker™ searches the BroadJump marketplace and instantaneously produces paid price points for a specific product purchased during the past 12 months. You can then use this current, relevant data to determine what a reasonable, competitive price should be.